Problem Spelling Words
Correct spellings for many of our commonly misspelled words.
Last Updated January 12 2006
Policy Manual
A current version of our employee handbook, covering company policies and procedures.
Last Updated July 23 2019
OnCall Scheduler
Viewing, editing, and updating O/C information in OnCall Scheduler.
Last Updated June 21 2017
Ergonomics Guide
Instructions for adjusting our operations room chairs for better ergonomics.
Last Updated June 14 2017
Call Scoring Criteria
A description of the criteria we use for scoring calls in-house.
Last Updated January 12 2017
Instructions for scheduling appointments for David Raines clinics using the NextGen system.
Last Updated November 03 2015
Clocking In and Out with Timeforce
Instructions for using the web-based time clock.
Last Updated May 23 2012
Reason Codes
All the reason codes and descriptions of when they are to be used.
Last Updated January 10 2011
Running a Board Check Report
Instructions for printing locates and messages.
Last Updated June 03 2009
Account Notation Guide
Explanation of the notations used in the headers of our MasterCards.
Last Updated March 28 2008
CMC Quick Reference
Listing of the most commonly used keyboard commands for the CMC and what they do.
Last Updated September 11 2006
Searching A Directory
Detailed instructions for searching for a particular item in a directory.
Last Updated April 03 2006
Mnemonics Listing
Listing of the Startel "QuickTypes" (mnemonics).
Last Updated March 02 2006
Using Directories
Instructions for working with directories and subdirectories.
Last Updated January 09 2006
Entering Actions
Instructions for entering actions for post-dates and wakeups.
Last Updated January 04 2006
BellSouth Optional Calling Features
Listing of calling features, such as anonymous call rejection and call forwarding, and how to use them.
Last Updated November 07 2005